Rudy's Farm Cookbook Made On the Farm Signed

Patricia Rudy Woods brings you her Made on the Farm cookbook, a collections of recipes from family and friends of Rudy's Farm sausage company. The cookbook is inscribed to the book's original owner and autographed by Patricia Rudy Woods.  


Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 141 pages. 

Copyright: 2020 

Publisher: Morris Press Cookbooks 

Author: Rudy Farmhouse 

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Description: Whether gathering to celebrate a holiday or to lean on each other during hard times, food brings people together. This has certainly always been true in my family. 

I can't talk about my family without talking about food because food is such a big part of my family's story, particularly sausage. Sausage was my family's ticket to the American Dream and sausage was on the table at most of our gatherings, but there was more than just sausage, too. My uncle Frank's Country Ham, my grandmother Oleda's ("RuRu") Banana Pudding. I can't imagine a holiday with a steaming cup of Russian Tea. My mother, Mary Frances, tried to pass the Deviled Egg duties off to us girls years ago, but we still insist that she make and bring them to every event. The first entry in the recipe book I began keeping at 10 years old is for Corn Pudding, taught to me by my aunt Patricia. The pages are splattered with melted butter because I've made it so many times. 

Food has the ability to keep memories alive. One taste of any of those dishes immediately takes me back to Easter Egg hunts in RuRu's front yard or Jane's backyard; to hearing my aunt Caroline read the Christmas story; to laughing with my cousins at the kids' table while the adults sat in the dining room, in another of their long conversations that we kids found impossibly boring. 

Recipes, like families, are a starting point. They give us a foundation and a place to begin, and then we add to them and make them ours. That's what this book is -- an introduction to the memories we have and a starting point for the memories yet to be made. I hope you enjoy it! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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