Rosa Mexicano Cookbook - Restaurant New York

Rosa Mexicano Restaurant Cookbook is from the Mexican restaurant of the same name in New York. This cookbook features 60 recipes, as well as a culinary autobiography of Josefina Howard, owner of Rosa Mexicano restaurant. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 292 pages

Copyright: 1998

Publisher: Viking

Author: Josefina Howard

ISBN: 9780670879472

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Description: Rosa Mexicano: A Culinary Autobiography with 60 Recipes is more than a cookbook: it's an invitation to a feast, the distillation of a lifetime of passionate immersion in a country and a "cuisine full of possibilities."  

Josefina Howard introduced New York to authentic Mexican food over twenty years ago. Her restaurant, Rosa Mexicano ("Mexican pink"), continues to be hailed as the city's best Mexican restaurant -- and one of the most provocative restaurants of any kind. 

It's no wonder. Having fled Spain during the Civil War, Josefina traveled through Europe, educating her palate, and landed in the Americas, where she found herself at once humbled and enthralled. The volcanoes threw off lights, the floating marketplace of Xochimilco was living history, and the food, incorporating ancient and colonial influences, combined textures and flavors unlike those of any other cuisine. Guests at Rosa Mexicano have long been the grateful beneficiaries of Josefina's devoted search for the rarest moles, the broadest variety of chiles, the most refined sauces, the most fabled dishes of home and restaurant cooks across Mexico. With this book, readers can share her journey of discovery, re-created here through her dramatic reminiscences, her award-winning photographs, and recipes as colorful and varied as the culture that gave birth to them. 

Rosa Mexicano is nothing less than a doorway into the magic garden of Mexico. With Josefina as your guide, you'll encounter unusual herbs like hoja santa and epazote; a delicate soup made of strawberries; ice cream made of cuitlacoche, a mushroom that grows on corn; and even chorizo verde (yes, green sausage) as this tantalizing memoir reveals the secrets of one of the most mythic and misunderstood cuisines in the world. 


Condition: Good condition.

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