Mrs. Rorer's Cook Book 1919

This 1919 printing of Mrs. Rorer's Cook Book is now considered to be antique. Rorer taught at Philadelphia cooking school the New Century Club and later founded the Philadelphia School of Cookery. This was one of her many cookbooks and was originally published in 1902. Our edition's only hint as to the copyright is a handwritten signature from the owner with a date of June 1919. This may be an early edition than that. Note the book is a dark brown color. The photograph comes out a lighter red brown, but the book is darker.


Format: Hardcover, 581 pages. 

Copyright: 1919 

Publisher: Arnold and Company 

Author: Sarah Tyson Rorer 

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Description: Enjoy this antique cookbook called Mrs. Rorer's Cook Book from culinary teacher Sarah Rorer. 


Condition: The book has wear to the cloth with some frays and mesh showing at the edges and a faded cover. Recipes pages have some spots and discoloration. The owner also taped newspaper recipes into some of the blank parts of the pages and there are pencil notations of recipes scattered here and there.

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