Roman Cookery of Apicius

Roman Cookery of Apicius is a treasury of 360 gourmet recipes and herbal cookery by John Edwards that is translated and adapted for the modern kitchen. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 322 pages. 

Copyright: 1984 

Publisher: Rodale Press 

Author: John Edwards 

ISBN: 9780881790085

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Description: Apicius, first century author of De Re Coquinaria (On Cookery), has been described as the most demanding of gourmets, and his amazingly sophisticated recipes have long been awaiting rediscovery with practical adaptation for the modern kitchen. 

With this book, John Edwards has given us a new, close translation of Apicius' manual, coupled with his adapted and tested versions of 360 superb recipes. 

Most attractive for modern lovers of fine cookery is the enormous variety, originality, and richness of flavors, achieved with entirely pure and natural ingredients. The many kinds of meats, vegetables, fish, fowl, shellfish, cheeses, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, honey, and wines -- all familiar in themselves -- here appear delectably transformed in surprising combinations. The ubiquitous herbs and spices, especially, are applied in masterful ways. There are some rare herbs which the author has replaced with suitable substitutes, yet each dish remains essentially faithful to its original. 

One can prepare these recipes and actually experience the distinctive dishes of Apicius' day, with flavors that range from the delicate and subtle to the hot and pungent, or the richly sweet, as in the desserts. Apart from the few extravagant feast dishes, the recipes are simple to prepare, and allow us to indulge our palates without risk to our well-being. 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tears. Further good condition. 

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