Rogers Gray Italian Country Cook Book

Rogers Gray Italian Country Cook Book has been touted as a culinary bible. The cookbook contains top Italian recipes from the Michelin star restaurant The River Cafe on the Thames in London. This is the US Edition. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 318 pages. 

Copyright: 1995, First US Edition 

Publisher: Random House. 

Author: Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers  

ISBN: 9780679450016

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Description: This amazing cookbook, written by an American who lives in London and a Londoner who was a chef in New York, has already become "the culinary bible for a new generation of cooks" (The Times, London). Its authors have "raised Italian home cooking to an art form" (The Independent), and Books for Cooks called this "the best cookery book ever published." 

Known for their fresh and innovative presentations of authentic Italian cucina rustica, or country cooking, Ruth Rogers and Rose Gray comb the Italian countryside summer after summer, looking for dishes to serve in The River Cafe, their brilliant restaurant on the banks of the Thames. Here is a spectacular selection of their best recipes: uncomplicated and vibrant with color and flavor. 

Rogers and Gray rely on fresh ingredients to make their healthful and completely authentic Italian food. You will find here excellent recipes for country soups, pastas, polentas and risottos; wonderful seafood, meats and poultry; as well as great desserts, including their world-famous Chocolate Nemesis. 

The recipes here use readily available ingredients and are straightforward and easily doable in an American kitchen. Beautifully illustrated and elegantly designed, The Rogers Gray Italian Country Cookbook is already a classic. 


Condition: Good condition. Interior flap is clipped. 

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