Rocky Mountain Gourmet Cookbook

Rocky Mountain Gourmet Cookbook features gourmet recipes that leverage Rocky Mountain food ingredients. Everything from pine nuts to huckleberries are found inside recipes in this unique cookbook.  


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 198 pages. 

Copyright: 1997. First edition 

Publisher: Falcon Co. Publishers, Inc. 

Author: Leslie M. DeDominic 

ISBN: 9781560445593

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Description: What is Rocky Mountain Gourmet? Author Leslie DeDominic incorporates natural Rocky Mountain ingredients found from New Mexico to Canada to create these mouth -- watering recipes. She uses fresh, hearty Rocky Mountain flavors from all seasons to develop a whole new style of cooking. Pine nuts, peppers, chilies, rosehips, sage, and huckleberries flavor venison, quail, grouse, trout, elk, beef, and buffalo in everything from appetizers to desserts. Using time -- honored methods, DeDominic describes how to plank a fish, wrap delicacies in corn husks for grilling, and prepare tantalizing soups and stews in ways traditional, and yet dressed up with a contemporary gourmet flair. 

You'll experience wild ingredients found by the earliest inhabitants of the region as well as the fruit of today's agriculturalists' endeavors. This wonderful selection of recipes draws on the incredibly diverse ethnic heritage of the Rockies, including Chinese, Basque, Italian, Irish, German, and Native American cultures. This cookbook is all about blending -- blending of flavors, cultures, and eras. Explore the Rockies from your own kitchen using the Rocky Mountain Gourmet Cookbook. 


Condition: Good condition. Smiley face ink stamp inside back cover. 

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