Dollar To Donuts From Rock Cafe Oklahoma

Dollar To Donuts cookbook brings you recipes from the owner of Stroud, Oklahoma's Rock Cafe, a landmark restaurant on Route 66. Some of the recipes are on the menu at the famous eatery. 


Format: Softcover, 274 pages. 

Copyright: 2009 

Publisher: Rodale Books 

Author: Dawn K. Welch and Raquel Pelzel 

ISBN: 9781605295718

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Description: Which meals are best for your family? The kind that taste great, don't break the bank, and don't keep you chained to the stove all day. As the sole proprietor of her own restaurant and a busy wife and mother of two, Dawn Welch has perfected the art of cooking smart, using short-order strategies and a little bit of advance planning to rack up huge savings of time, money, and effort and now you can, too. 

To make the most of every minute in the kitchen, Dawn says, do as restaurants do: Buy what's on special and make every bit count, recycling leftovers into exciting new dishes down the line. Buy in bulk and store what you don't need for later, and prep ahead in multiples so you're halfway to getting dinner on the table the minute you walk in the door. Most importantly, have fun: Try new flavors and ingredients, and revive tired old standards like pork chops or chicken breasts with a spirited sauce or a zesty side dish. 

Think that cooking healthful, cost-effective, crowd-pleasing meals is beyond your reach? Take a page out of Dawn Welch's info-packed book and, dollars to donuts, your family will be eating better than ever before and having more fun in the process! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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