Recipes on Parade Entree Meats Cookbook

Recipes on Parade Entree Meats Cookbook was published by Military Officers' Wives. It is part of a vintage cookbook series and this volume contains hundreds of creative and appetizing main dish recipes -- personally developed by Military Officers' Wives, known throughout the world for their imaginative, spectacular entertaining. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 197 pages 

Copyright: 1974 

Publisher: Favorite Recipes Press 

Author: Members of the Military Oficers' Wives 

ISBN: 9780871970060

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Description: World famous for their good cooking, military officers' wive lead the parade of recipe exchangers. Stationed in every art of the world, they are constantly meeting new people and exchanging food ideas. In this Recipes on Parade Entree Meats cookbook, you will find many different ideas for preparing all types of meats. There are culinary treasures for every occasion from the simplest family meal to the most festive dinner party. Some are very easy to prepare. Others are a challenge for the gourmet cook or the homemaker who likes to experiment with unusual recipes. Enjoy each of the recipes in this collection; share it with others. 

Condition: Interior great condition. Covers have some worn artwork with small tears and creases. 

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