Recipes from Scotland Cookbook

Recipes from Scotland Cookbook makes for a great collectible for your collection. It's a wonderful little vintage cookbook from 1969, originally published in 1946. Scottish cuisine is not one we see often in the cookbooks we get in at Cookbook Village so this is a nice treat. 


Format: Hardcover wire spiral bound interior 5x7", 94 pages 

Copyright: 1969, Ninth Edition

Publisher: Stanley Press 

Author: F. Marian McNeill 

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Description: Scots all over the world, and others who have enjoyed the peculiar virtues of Scottish cooking, will welcome this collection of recipes compiled by the author of The Scots Kitchen. 

F. Marian McNeill was born in Orkney, and is a graduate of the University of Glasgow. She has always made a hobby of cooking, and has contrived her way into many kinds of kitchen, from that of the primitive Orkney croft, where the three-legged pot hung on a chain above a glowing peat fire emitting many a savory odor, to the sophisticated kitchen of the haute bourgeoisie of France and other European countries, where she learned the secrets of many famous dishes. 

The native dishes of her own country, however, have always been her special interest, and here she has selected some of the more popular of the traditional Scots recipes. 


Condition: Good condition. Inside front cover has name inscribed. Front cover very slightly bent. 

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