Recipes from a Spanish Village Cookbook

Recipes from a Spanish Village cookbook showcases regional cuisine from Spain. You'll enjoy mouthwatering dishes such as St. Jame's Baked Scallops, Beef with Chestnuts and Pears, and Mallorcan Sweet Bread Rolls, plus many more. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 144 pages 

Copyright: 1990 

Publisher: Simon and Schuster 

Author: Pepita Aris 

ISBN: 9780671728854

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Description: Still an unfamiliar country, cut off from Europe by the high mountains of the Pyrenees, Spain has developed an important regional cuisine that is remarkably unknown beyond its shores. The color, freshness and delicious variety of Spanish cooking are captured in this exceptional collection of recipes. Evocative photographs of the dishes and of the villages from which they come suffuse every page with the magical atmosphere of this beautiful country. 

In Recipes from a Spanish Village, the food is simple to cook because it is based on simple ingredients, as village recipes should be. But it also embodies the diverse history of Spain, and fascinating introductions to each of the recipes describe their origins. We learn, for example, that the Moors planted citrus fruits and almonds, made spicy sausages with saffron and cumin, and perfected the art of roasting meat. Tomatoes and peppers were introduced from the Americas following the Spanish conquests, and pasta made its way from Italy -- deliciously combined with seafood in Fideua de mariscos. 

Spain is bordered on three sides by the sea, and Spanish cooks have created some of the best seafood recipes in Europe. From Galicia try Vieiras de Santiago, an intensely flavored scallop dish cooked in a spicy tomato and brandy sauce. Spain's famed Paella, a rich concoction made from the freshest seafood, vegetables and rice, comes from Valencia in the south. In the east, the inventive Catalans make Carne con castafias y peras, a stew combining beef with chestnuts and pears. And Spain's delicious Tapas including such tasty morsels as Mejillones con pimiento, mussels and peppers simmered in wine, or Champifiones rellenos, mushrooms stuffed with spicy sausage, are staples in even the smallest neighborhood tavern. 

Recipes from a Spanish Village is a mouthwatering introduction to the country cooking of Spain. These delicious, easy-tofollow recipes and glorious photographs bring the unique flavor of Spanish regional cuisine into every kitchen. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in very nice condition. Top corner of front cover's interior flap is clipped. 

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