Choice Recipes from Choices Restaurant Cookbook - Franklin Tennessee

Choice Recipes from Choices Restaurant cookbook is from the historic downtown Franklin, Tennessee eatery. Recipes in the cookbook are from the restaurant as well as some favorite family foods from the owners. Tennessee Jack Marinated Steaks, Cranberry Waldorf Congealed Salad, Seafood Fettucine and Lemon Blueberry Bread are some of the favorites from Choices that you can now make in your home kitchen. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 207 pages  

Copyright: 1991 

Publisher: Choices Restaurant 

Author: Choices Restaurant 

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Description: In 1984 my husband, Calvin, and I opened a restaurant in downtown Franklin, Tennessee. This was our second experience in the restaurant business -- our first one involved our partnership with Miss Daisy's Tea Room at Carter's Court, from 1974 until 1979. Like everyone else, our lives were filled with changes and choices, so Calvin came up with the name of "Choices" for our new venture. 

We set standards of excellence for both our food and our service and Choices continues to serve customers seven days a week. Most of the recipes in this cookbook have been served at Choices, but some are favorite family foods which I thought you might enjoy. Because we believe that the right way to live is to share in the flow of life, I am happy to make available the recipes which people have said they enjoyed at our restaurant. 

My greatest cooking joys are preparing fresh fruits and vegetables from my garden. I love to work with Nature's beauty and bounty! We like using the phrases "Cooking close to nature" or "Cooking with the seasons" at Choices. Healthy, delicious cooking is one of the gifts we can give ourselves and each other. I believe that food should look good, taste good, and be good for you. Many of the recipes in this book have been reduced in fat content with our health in mind. Recipes which were "not so healthy, were not even considered. These are a few of Marilyn's choices, and I am happy to share them with you. 


Condition: Back cover has worn cover paper in two spots. Title page has worn paper spot from erasure. Further good condition. 

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