Rebel Cornbread and Yankee Coffee Cookbook - Authentic Civil War Cooking

Rebel Cornbread and Yankee Coffee Cookbook features around a dozen authentic recipes, plus stories, and songs from Civil War soldiers. If you like historical cookbooks, this is a unique book that you will enjoy reading.  Confederate Skillet Cornbread, Hell-Fired Stew, Yankee Baked Beans, and Fried Beef a sampling of the recipes inside. The book has a lot of historical information like songs, and stories. 


Format: Softcover, 115 pages 

Copyright: 2001 

Publisher: Crane Hill Publishers 

Author: Garry Fisher 

ISBN: 9781575871752

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Description: Culled from the memoirs and letters of actual Union and Confederate soldiers, the recipes found in Rebel Cornbread and Yankee Coffee are authentic -- they might even turn your taste buds Blue and Gray. 

Author Garry Fisher explores the common experiences shared by average soldiers on both sides during their time off the Civil War battlefields, including the food they loved, the food they hated, the songs they sang, and the pranks they played. Whether you are an armchair history buff or interested in sampling a part of history, the recipes, songs, and stories gathered here are sure to fascinate, even if they don't make you hungry. 


Condition: Good condition. Very light crease back cover. 

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