The Queen is in the Kitchen Cookbook - Vintage 1954

The Queen is in the Kitchen cookbook is 1954 vintage cookbook by Marguerite Gilbert McCarthy. With over 500 recipes and 96 menus, the dishes are easy-to-prepare and many can be made ahead of time. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 232 pages 

Copyright: 1954 

Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons 

Author: Marguerite Gilbert McCarthy 

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Description: Once upon a time, says Marguerite McCarthy, you sat in the parlor like the Queen in the old rhyme and someone else prepared the bread and honey. Now you are in the kitchen and on your own as the cook, with a family to cater for and guests to entertain whenever you like. What will you feed them? 

If you like dishes that are both delicious and a little bit different and yet take little time or effort to prepare, this is the cook book for you. Using the same imaginative approach which made The Cook Is in the Parlor so successful, Mrs. McCarthy, herself a practiced kitchen Queen, has written another book which today's housewife-hostess will welcome with delight. 

Here are meals for all kinds of informal occasions: the cocktail party which turns into a buffet supper; soup and sandwiches which are equally practical for picnics in summer or for winter evenings in front of the fire; dinners with one dish staged in style in a chafing dish; family meals prepared all at one time which the children can eat on trays in front of the television and the parents relax over later; and many others. 

There are over 500 recipes and 96 different menus, with the emphasis on easy preparation, much of it ahead of time, and some really inspired ideas about using modern appliances to simplify both cooking and serving. With this book any queen can relax in her kitchen and enjoy it so much that she will never want to go back to her parlor. 


Condition: Dust jacket has small tears and shelf wear. Interior flap is clipped. Further good condition. 

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