Puerto Rican Cookery Cookbook

Puerto Rican Cookery Cookbook brings you the flavors of from this new approach and edition of what was originally The Art of Caribbean Cookery. We love the chapter on Fritters and Croquettes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 389 pages. 

Copyright: 1983, First Pelican Edition 

Publisher: Carmen Aboy Valldejuli 

Author: Carmen Aboy Valldejuli 

ISBN: 9780882894119

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Description: As bewitching as an off-shore breeze, the recipes in this book plumb the mysteries of native dishes in accurate and easy-to-follow details that assures the success of every recipe. In her book, Mrs. Valldejuli traces the development of traditional native cookery (cocina criolla) and reveals secrets of the essence of Puerto Rican cookery -- keymark to fabulous island delicacies.  

The chapter on rum drinks in the book is the contribution of the author's husband, Luis. Mrs. Valldejuli says: "The word Rum brings to our minds romance under a tropical moon -- its light filtering through the feathery leaves of palm trees strewn along a white-sand beach -- with the rumbling and musical cadence of the waves. Refreshing!" Now you can concoct such magic potions as Coquito, Pifia Colada, and Sugar Loaf Cordial (named by the late Clementine Paddleford). 

The tremendous enthusiasm with which the islanders have greeted her cookbook in Spanish, Cocina Criolla can best be judged by the fact that it is in its thirty-first edition, and there is also one in Braille!  The author expresses her hopes that, eventually, all readers may wend their way to Puerto Rico to sample these delicacies. Whenever you are bringing the witching lands to your dinner table, she offers you this toast: "Salud, amor, dinero y tiempo para gastarlo!" 


Condition: Good condition. Interior flap clipped.

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