The Prudence Penny Regional Cook Book 1949

The Prudence Penny Regional Cook Book of 1949 is a vintage cookbook collectible that is just like 10 cookbooks in 1. There are chapters covering the recipes of Minnesota Scandinavian, Wisconsin Dutch, Michigan Dutch Southwestern, Creole, Pennsylvania Dutch, New England, Western, Cosmopolitan American, Southern, Mississippi Valley, and General Auxiliary. This edition from 1949 is the Prudence Penny binding of what was known as the United States Regional Cook Book. This is a fantastic find and in nice vintage condition. 


Format: Hardcover with finger tabbed pages, 752 pages. 

Copyright: 1949

Publisher: Consolidated Book Publisher 

Author: Ruth Berolzheimer 

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Additional Details

Description: This is a great American cookbook consisting of ten principal sections, each devoted to a characteristic American style of cooking complete with a large number of recipes and detailed discussion of procedures. This is actually ten cookbooks in one. 

Chapters are "cookbooks" with titles like Creole Cook Book, Wisconsin Dutch Cook Book, Southwestern Cook Book, and there are 7 more chapters to round out the American cuisine covered inside this culinary treasure. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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