Poulet Chicken Cookbook

Poulet is a chicken meal cookbook with over 150 recipes that showcase chicken. If you enjoy cooking with chicken, this is the cookbook for you!


Format: Hardcover, 240 pages. 

Copyright: 2011 

Publisher: Chronicle Books 

Author: Cree LeFavour 

ISBN: 9780811879699

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Description: Chicken is one of the world's main sources of protein. How you treat it matters, for it can make the simplest or most sophisticated of meals. 

In Poulet, Cree LeFavour's ode to this delicious bird, 150 recipes breathe new life into the quotidian chicken supper. Globetrotting in scope, recipes are organized into chapters by flavor profile, and, within the chapters, into sets that make a perfect meal. 

American Chicken celebrates the forthright nature of regional cooking in the United States, with Southern-inspired Grilled Thighs with Blistered BBQ Sauce and satisfying Chicken Pie. Bistro Chicken celebrates the joie de vivre found in creamy sauces, lashings of tarragon, and generous application of shallots and wine. Latin Chicken encompasses tacos, arepas, enchiladas, a zingy jerk, and a rich authentic posole. Turn to the East or South Asian chapters when you need an exotic taste of India, Thailand. Burma, Vietnam, or Nepal And travel the sunny cultures of the Mediterranean and Africa with dishes as diverse as Bedouin Stew, Piri Piri Kuku, or Preserved Lemon Chicken with Olives. 

Salads, grains, breads, and vegetables round out the meal, and are elegantly matched to each chicken dish. From Almond Couscous to Lime-Cilantro Succotash, the sides are as interesting as the main course! And Cree's amiable, encouraging introductory notes makes each combination so irresistible, there will be a new taste of poulet on your plate every week. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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