The Potato Book by Myrna Davis

With a foreword by Truman Capote, this vintage Potato Book cookbook features recipes that showcase the potato. This cookbook is a sought after collectible.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 95 pages. 

Copyright: 1973 

Publisher: William Morrow & Company 

Author: Myrna Davis 

ISBN: 9780688001865

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Description: The important point is, The Potato Book is fun – with assorted portraits of potatoes by 23 witty and talented artists, games (Pass the Potato), beauty hints (the potato as wrinkle-remover), Mr. Capote's uncompromising advice on the only perfect way to serve potatoes, and perhaps best of all – for serious potato addicts – a potato diet and a soothing statistic concerning potato calories. 

DO YOU KNOW... What Nathaniel Hawthorne had to say about people and potatoes? A good recipe for chowder to serve 100? How to keep potatoes from turning green – and why that musn't be allowed to happen? What the Spanish Armada had to do with potatoes? How to make something delicious with potato peelings? That you could keep the kids busy half an afternoon making potato block prints? What a potato might look like wearing a pinstripe suit? 


Condition: Good condition. Inside jacket flap is clipped. 

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