Joy of Not Cooking Cookbook - Gloria Pitzer the Recipe Detective

Joy of Not Cooking Cookbook by Gloria Pitzer the Recipe Detective mimics popular dishes from fast food restaurants and food companies. This is a very fun cookbook that you will enjoy using and reading. It was sold only through the publisher by mail. 


Format: Paperback, 240 pages 

Copyright: 1983. First printing 

Publisher: A Secret Recipes Limited Publication 

Author: Gloria Pitzer 

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Description: If it were not for Irma Rombauer, I would never have known "The Joy Of Cooking"! If it were not for my five children, I would never have known The Joy Of Not Cooking-anymore than I have to! 

Fast food is not always found in hamburger chains nor at taco stands or on the snack food shelves of the supermarket or at the lobby counters of movie theaters. Really "fast-food, in my book, is the artistic presentation of very good dishes, prepared with very little effort and a minimum of ingredients for a very small price! 

Restaurants have used the shortcut cooking methods for many years, even though some of the higher priced specialty houses would have us believe everything is still "from scratch"when it is not! Their "secret" is simple! They work with very inexperienced help in many cases, which means that their dishes must be very good, consistly good, in fact, while being very simple to prepare. The art of creative cooking, as we once knew it, has not been lost, but rather, it has been replaced with a more effective method of preparation, which conserves time, money and most of all-effort! 

In this book, I will draw a parallel between most of the recipe secrets I share with you here, and those dishes we have always enjoyed while eating out, or which we have purchased from the supermarket. The food industry's secrets are closely guarded by a very competitive market but with our recipes, we break the code and unmask the mysteries of dining in as if we are eating out! 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in nice condition. 

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