Pioneer Recipes & Remedies Enriched with Poetry Daughters of Utah Pioneers

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers published this Pioneer Recipes and Remedies Enriched with Poetry cookbook, a sesquicentennial collection. 


Format: Hardcover, 402 pages. 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Daughters of Utah Pioneers 

Author: Millie Foster Cheesman 

ISBN: 9780965840606

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Description: Pioneer Recipes & Remedies: Enriched With Poetry is a tribute to all the splendid women who left comfortable lives and homes in exchange for primitive dwellings and unfamiliar surroundings to help establish the great American frontier. This sesquicentennial collection is filled with delicious and fascinating pioneer recipes from all over the nation as well as the old country. Millie Foster Cheesman opens a window into the lives of pioneer women and the challenges of their times: how they lived, washed and ironed, cooked and preserved food, and cared for their families. All this without the conveniences we enjoy today. 

History books primarily record the accomplishments of men – of ships and ocean voyages; conquests of vast lands and countries. But let us not forget the often unsung heroines who worked beside their husbands and families. We thank them for their courage, their faith, and the heritage they left us. Certainly the quality of life we enjoy today is rooted deeply in their valiant deeds. Perhaps remembering is the ultimate tribute! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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