Pink Adobe Restaurant Recipes Past and Present Cookbook

Pink Adobe Restaurant Past and Present Cookbook celebrates the famed restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Inside this cookbook, you'll find the family recipes of the Pink Adobe's owner Rosalea Murphy. 


Format: Softcover, 224 pages. 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: The Pink Adobe Restaurant 

Author: Priscilla Hoback & Joseph Hoback 

ISBN: 9780971764002

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Description: Rosalea's creative genius with food and art, combined with her love of entertaining gave birth to what we now know and love as The Pink Adobe. The "Pink" is more than a Santa Fe restaurant. With a unique blend of history, tradition, culinary delights and, most importantly, the diversity of people, Rosalea's dream has truly become a Santa Fe landmark. 

For over 50 years Rosalea filled her days using her talents and energy to create a unique flavor, decor and personality that makes this restaurant so special. From mid-morning with her time in the kitchen, to afternoons spent painting (many of her art works now decorate the restaurant), into the evenings entertaining her friends in the Dragon Room, she filled her life with pleasure. Seated at Table 10, she often stayed until the band played the last song. Thousands of people passed by her table just to say hello and thank her for a special evening. 

Reviewing the photo albums, personal notes and published cookbooks is quite a walk down memory lane. We are reminded of the many gifted people who have worked for Rosalea and how they have contributed to our success. These relationships were greatly cherished and appreciated by Rosalea and her family who grew up and thrived, steeped in this vital atmosphere. 

The recipes chosen for this book are family traditions and the dishes have remained everyone's favorites for years.This cookbook is a loving tribute to Rosalea (from her family) and the many people who have visited The Pink Adobe. We hope you enjoy Rosalea's creations, both from her kitchen and her artist's studio, which give a glimpse through the window of her lifetime of entertaining. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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