Cooking With Filippo At The Pillars Restaurant Mobile AL Signed

Filippo Milone, owner and chef of The Pillars restaurant in Mobile, Alabama brings you this Cooking With Filippo signed and inscribed cookbook. The historic Italian restaurant is closed and was replaced by an event venue.


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 125 pages. 

Copyright: 1980 

Publisher: Rhoades Enterprises 

Author: Author goes here 

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Description: The Gulf Coast has long been a mecca for good restaurants, and one has only to visit New Orleans to confirm this. However, it goes without saying, that through the years Mobile has had it's share of good restaurants as well. In spite of the fact that good restaurants abound, there has been a dearth of really fine gourmet dining establishments. The Pillars, with it's owner chef, Filippo Milone, has filled that gap nicely and one meal will convince even the die-hard epicurean of what thousands have already delightfully found: the Pillars ranks with the very best, not only along the Gulf Coast but anywhere in the United States! 

In this cook book, one can find recipes that reflect the Sicilian homeland of Filippo, an influence of the Mediterranean style, the excellent usage of veal and sweetbreads, beef that would charm a king and desserts that will delight the taste buds of the most discriminating diner. But, best of all is the use of the remarkable seafood that abounds along the coastline of the Southern states. Filippo is a master chef in the best sense of the word, and his restaurant reflects the excellent taste of this gourmet chef. Not only is the food excellent, but the atmosphere is most conducive to fine dining. Valuable antique pieces surround the diner in a venerable old home from Mobile's better days. From the floors to the ceilings there is a sense of grandeur as one surveys the paintings on the walls, the immaculate crisp white linens on the tables, and the gracious attentive service of the waiters and waitresses. 

The wine list is formidable, with choices ranging from the more common wines of today's market to the very fine vintage wines of France, Italy and California..all chosen with care and utmost concern for the palates of the dining public. It should be noted that Filippo writes a syndicated column on wines that appears in newspapers across the country. One has only to read the wine list of The Pillars to see the impeccable taste in wines that is reflected in the vast choice from which one can select their favorite. 

One of the unique features of this cookbook is the recommendation for wine that appear with each recipe. The advice given throughout should be heeded, but let it be noted that Filippo encourages your own choices to be reflected in preparation of food. Because all the recipes are for six people, they can easily be adapted to more or less as the occasion demands. 

As one well known chef remarked, "There are cookbooks and there are cookbooks!". This is a "cook" book for anyone who likes to prepare and eat fine food. The recipes are all kitchen tested, which assures success every time, and that is no small achievement. Read..enjoy..but most of all, use this book and then sit back and listen to the raves as your guests sample your very own cuisine which is based upon the recipes of a master chef..Filippo Milone of the Pillars!. 


Condition: Good condition. There is an embossed seal from the owner. 

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