Pierre Franey's Kitchen Cookbook

Pierre Franey's Kitchen Cookbook presents 140 recipes inside a reference cook that should be a part of every cook's shelf. Franey offers step-by-step photographs that set the cook on the path of learning -- 101 must-have kitchen tools are also covered inside this cookbook from one of the world's master chefs. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket with plastic protective sleeve, 262 pages. 

Copyright: 1982

Publisher: Times Books 

Author: Pierre Franey 

ISBN: 9780812910230

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Description: From The New York Times' syndicated food writer and author of the best-selling 60-Minute Gourmet and More 60-Minute Gourmet, a welcome addition to every cook's bookshelf -- Pierre Franey's Kitchen.

Drawing on the wealth of information in his enormously popular "Kitchen Equipment" column and his forty years of cooking experience, master chef Franey has selected 101 kitchen implements, both commonplace and unusual, that will help any cook prepare more creative and more varied meals in the most efficient way possible. From utility knives to food processors, from woks to sabayon pots, from the usefulness of stainless steel to the joy of cooking with copper, he has analyzed the qualities to look for when buying, and in over 300 photographs he shows how to use each utensil. In addition, Franey, who is also the co-author of Craig Claiborne's The New New York Times Cookbook, has included more than 140 delicious recipes that utilize the tools and will broaden the repertoire of any cook.

Knives, lifters and turners, measuring utensils, outdoor grills, pots, pans and bowls, machines, baking equipment and other important items are included in these pages. In addition, Franey has provided thoughts and information on designing a workable kitchen, including the most practical location for major appliances.

No other single volume has surveyed the tools of the trade, described the most important preparation techniques and offered illustrative recipes. Pierre Franey's Kitchen is the perfect catalog, cooking course and cookbook rolled into one.


Condition: Very good condition. 

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