Picture Card Cook Chinese - Nancy Chih Ma Cookbook

This Picture Card Cook Chinese is a unique vintage cookbook by Nancy Chih Ma. It is a spiral bound book inside of a slip case sleeve cover. It was printed in 1969. The cookbook contains laminated thick stock pages with color photos -- essentially it is a set of bound picture cards with recipes on the backside. These are regular sized pages, not small index cards. This is a very unique collectible. If you love Chinese cooking, this should definitely be on your cookbook shopping list. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound in slip case sleeve box, 128 pages 

Copyright: 1969. Seventh printing 

Publisher: Kodansha International 

Author: Nancy Chih Ma 

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Description: There was a time when to many Westerners Chinese cookery was epitomized by chop suet' or chow mein, but those days are happily forgotten, and authentic Chinese cooking is today probably one of the most popular forms of food preparation in the world. Travel where you will -- Europe, the Americas, all parts of Asia, Africa, Australia -- and you will always find Chinese restaurants and Chinese cookery. There is no need to ask why once you have tried Chinese cuisine. Its eye-appeal, its aroma, and its delicious flavors are the answer and the explanation. And it is perhaps because of this felicitous combination that adventurous cooking enthusiasts tend to feel that it is a difficult and complicated form of cookery. 

Eating, according to the Chinese, is much more than satisfying hunger. It is an esthetic pleasure, and any Chinese meal is a social occasion, a time for relaxation, conversation, and the enjoyment of food. Whether it is a simple family meal or a gathering of guests and relatives, the sharing of these pleasures is believed to promote understanding and friendship. Even the manner in which the food is served and eaten is indicative of this. Each participant in this delightful ritual is provided with an attractive, colorful porcelain or china service consisting of a rice bowl, soup bowl and spoon, main course plate, sauce or condiment dish, dessert plate, wine cup, and, sometimes, a teacup. Chopsticks of silver, ivory, lacquer, or wood are used not only to serve one's self, but also to help one's neighbor to choice bits from the serving dishes. This serving and sharing makes for longer and happier meal hours. 


Condition: Very good condition. 

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