Philadelphia Cookbook of Town and Country - 1963

Philadelphia Cookbook of Town and Country from 1963 is a vintage regional cookbook with old Philadelphia recipes and menus. From the Colonial days to contemporary times, locals and tourists alike will love the dishes inside this nostalgic cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 346 pages. 

Copyright: 1963 

Publisher: Bramhall House 

Author: Anna Wetherill Reed 

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Description: On the crest of the tide of America's new gourmet cook books comes this unusual and valuable collection of old Philadelphia recipes and menus. Homemakers in any section of the country can serve these dishes to the delight of families and guests, for Philadelphia cooking has enjoyed the acclaim of epicures since colonial days. 

Luxury cookery appeared in the Quaker City almost from its first settlement days, and the years have increased the glory of this culinary lore which the author has recorded here so simply and effectively. 

An experienced hostess will recognize this volume as an important addition to her working library of cook books. A bride will find in it superb dishes of Philadelphia fame, so easily made that they will grace her table with as much success as if she had been hostessing for years. 

Mrs. Reed's selections in the Philadelphia Cookbook of Town and Country are from the many hundreds of old receipts available in her family's notebooks. Each is renowned for appetite appeal. This should be a welcome addition to any cook book collection. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket has shelf wear and small tears along edges. 

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