Art of Persian Cooking

Art of Persian Cooking brings you over 200 classic recipes from Iran. Along with help in creating a holiday menu, there are also tips on kitchen utensils. 


Format: Softcover, 190 pages. 

Copyright: 2005 

Publisher: Hippocrene Books 

Author: Forough-Es-Saltaneh Hekmat 

ISBN: 9780781802413

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Description: "For many centuries the Iranians have looked upon food from three different points of view -- the medicinal, the philosophical, and cultural," so reads the preface to this informative and unusual cookbook. In addition to covering 200 sumptuous classic Persian recipes, this collection features special sections on "The History of Persian Cuisine," "Food and Entertainment within the Persian Home," and "The Fundamentals of Classic Persian Cooking." 

The nutritious easy-to-follow recipes include such traditional Persian dishes as Abgushte Adas (Lentil Soup), Mosamme Khoreshe (Eggplant Stew), Lamb Kabob, Cucumber Borani (Special Cucumber Salad), Sugar Halva, and GolMoraba (Flower Preserves). 

From creating a holiday menu to determining which utensils to use, The Art of Persian Cooking cookbook covers a wide array of practical information to help even the novice chef prepare elaborate Persian dishes. The exotic fare is further enhanced by rich descriptions of the cultural and culinary history of Persian cuisine, without which it cannot be fully appreciated. 


Condition: There is a faint spot on the outside of some pages, seen when the book is closed. Further, good condition. 

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