Perfect Setting Women of Woodside, Aiken

The Perfect Setting: Women of Woodside, Aiken, South Carolina is a wonderful Southern community cookbook. Here are recipes from some of Aiken's plantations and clubs. The name of each contributor accompanies their respective recipe. 


Format: Hardcover internal spiral bound, 334 pages. 

Copyright: 2005 

Publisher: Women of Woodside Aiken 

Author: Women of Woodside Aiken, South Carolina 

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Description: What makes Aiken the perfect setting for so many things can be found in the City's celebrated past, and it's as unique as the signs you can still find on some of our streets. Today, you can truly find a little bit of something to satisfy every taste. 

Speaking of taste, sample our wonderful blend of recipes as you enjoy a look back at fond memories and pictures from our local photographers. The Perfect Setting is more than a cookbook, it's an Aiken keepsake. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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