Perfect Picnics Cookbook

Perfect Picnics Cookbook gives you the recipes for the perfect day out. Whether celebration a special occasion or having a lazy day at the park, beach, or similar outdoor spot, you'll enjoy recipes from this special cookbook. Roast Pistachio Chicken, German Potato Salad, Honeyand White Raisin Drop Biscuits, and Marmalade French Apple Pie are some of the recipes inside Perfect Picnics Cookbook. The recipes are arranged by picnic occasion like "At the Water's Edge, Extravagent Entertaining, A Walk in the Country, Food for Love, Children's Picnics, and more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 126 pages 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Salem House Publishers 

Author: Catherine Redington 

ISBN: 9780881623543

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Description: Picture the scene -- a long, lazy summer's afternoon with the smell of crushed grass and honeysuckle filling the air and, for music, the splash of the river and the cooing of doves. What could be nicer on such a day than to spread a table in the open air and sit down with friends to feast in the sun. 

Perfect Picnics provides the recipes to make this dream come true. For any and every outdoor entertainment this book ensures a memorable and mouthwatering meal. Children's party picnics, extravagant outings to open air events, romantic meals a deux, family walks -- all are catered for and a perfect transportable picnic guaranteed. 

Traditional cold picnic fare is, of course, included, ranging from tasty chicken and ham pie to exotic seafood cocktails. For winter days -- or days when the weather is not to be relied upon -- there is delicious hearty bean soup and warming cassoulet. The many unusual salad and main course ideas are accompanied by suggestions for snacks, desserts and special picnic drinks. 

If your previous experiences involved runny butter and warm wine, Perfect Picnics will restore the romance with detailed guidance on preparation, keeping cold food cold, hot food hot and everything looking as it should. To inspire you further, Antonia Enthoven's watercolors illustrate the delights of dining en plein air. Altogether Perfect Picnics is an experience not to be missed. 


Condition: Dust jacket's top edge is slightly creased. Further good condition. 

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