The Pepper Harvest Cookbook

The Pepper Harvest Cookbook showcases over 70 recipes that feature peppers as an ingredient. There is also information on different varieties of peppers. Recipes like Sweet Pepper Soup, Paella, Polenta on a Board, and Pepper Lasagna are some of the options inside this cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 169 pages. 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Taunton 

Author: Barbara Ciletti 

ISBN: 9781561581955

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Description: The world of peppers spans an amazing variety of shapes, colors, textures, and tastes from sweet green bells to impertinent, fiery chiles. Peppers are versatile ingredients that can add sweetness, piquancy, or outright heat to dishes. 

Anyone who has grown peppers knows that when the crop starts to ripen it is a challenge to come up with inventive recipes to use the abundance. The Pepper Harvest Cookbook celebrates the bounty of the harvest with more than 70 recipes drawn from the cuisines of the world. There is everything here from savory soups to hearty main dishes to breads. A lifelong cook and gardener, Barbara Ciletti also explains how to harvest and store peppers, including how to dry them for long-term keeping and how to make pickled peppers that will recall the warm days of summer long after the frost has arrived. 

Complete with color photos, a pepper guide to more than 40 cultivars helps cooks and gardeners choose peppers to please their palates. The author's warmhearted vignettes and anecdotes remind us that harvest is about celebrating and sharing good food. 


Condition: A couple of pages are slightly creased. Further good condition. 

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