Pennsylvania Dutch Country Cooking

Pennsylvania Dutch Country Cooking is a stunning and visual cookbook that compiles more than 100 recipes from the Pennsylvania Dutch regions. We absolutely love this cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 204 pages. 

Copyright: 1993 

Publisher: Abbeville Press 

Author: William Woys Weaver 

ISBN: 9781558595682

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Description: From the healthful secrets of whole grains to the delightful taste of a "green" cuisine, the traditions of classic Pennsylvania Dutch cookery are revealed as never before. With this original cookbook, it is now possible to create over 100 authentic recipes, including crusty farm breads, one-pot dinners, luscious spring soups, and light, sophisticated salads. 

The photography is so vivid that we can almost taste the aromatic flavors of Peach and Tomato Slump with Sage or the tangy crunch of Kutztown Jar-Jar. These magnificent specially commissioned color photographs not only enable us to visualize what we are cooking but also bring us closer to the land from which this food comes. Striking pictures of the countryside and the people and their folk art evoke the Pennsylvania Dutch concept of Bodegeschmack, "having the taste or flavor of the land." This concept is what gives cheese a nuance of the meadows on which the cows have grazed or what gives great wines their character. 

People are now more than ever seeking foods in tune with the natural cycle of things, and a guiding inspiration for this book is a return to the farm dishes from the past, especially the vegetarian ones, to a sensible "preventive cookery." 

In this cookbook, for the first time the author has divided Pennsylvania Dutch cookery into several families of dishes, and he has painstakingly provided the proper Pennsylfaanisch names for them. The heartland of this cooking style covers a fifteen-county area in southeastern Pennsylvania; however, the culinary diaspora spreads deep into the Midwest, the Upper South, and Canada and includes the Amish, Mennonites, and Moravians, among other peoples. 


Condition: Good condition. Few pages are slightly dog eared. 

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