Eat Yourself Full: Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery for Feinschmeckers

This 1967 vintage cookbook, Eat Yourself Full: Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery for Feinschmeckers, is a fantastic resource of recipes, many passed down through generations of Pennsylvania Dutch families. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 274 pages. 

Copyright: 1967, Book Club Edition 

Publisher: McKay 

Author: Ruth R. Tyndall 

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Description: For generations the Pennsylvania Dutch country has been celebrated for its bountiful food. Today the eating there is one of the main tourist attractions. Many of the "Dutch" recipes and unique menus never have been recorded in cookbooks, but have been "learned" at the stove as mother handed them down to daughter. 

One of these daughters, Ruth Tyndall, decided recently that the time had come to set down all that she and her family have liked best about this cuisine (and the special occasions surrounding much of it) as they have cooked and eaten it over the years. 

In a joyful, nostalgic fashion, she offers not just a treasury of rich, delicious recipes and menus, but a folk-history of a kind, describing such traditional events as barn raising, market days, the feeding of the threshers, wedding customs, apple-butter-and-cider set-outs (at which kissing games may be played), Fourth of July picnics, and other celebrations at which food is always featured. 

There are menus for the Dutch set-outs (parties for twenty-five or more), and for regular meals, complete with the traditional seven sweets and seven sours. Mrs. Tyndall also includes many simple Dutch "meals-in-a-pot" -- great time-savers for today's busy young housekeepers, and real stick-to-the-ribs food that men and children relish. 

Everything is here from Bouva Shenkel to shoofly pie, sticky buns and Yum Yum cake, scrapple, funnel cakes, snicker doodles and pretzel soup, pheasant with chestnut dressing, hot dandelion salad, homemade smoked turkey, and roast chicken with sour cream gravy. 

Eat Yourself Full cookbook is a delightful read. It is also highly practical. The author has set down all her traditional recipes in terms of modern cookery, so that this unique cuisine can be produced easily in any kitchen. 


Condition: Dust jacket some frayed small tears at corners and some creases. Further good condition. 

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