Paul Bocuse In Your Kitchen Cookbook

Paul Bocuse In Your Kitchen cookbook offers an introduction to classic French cooking from one of the world's master chefs. If you have the desire to learn how to cook inspiring French dishes, this is the cookbook for you. With 200 recipes, Bocuse covers all the classics in his informative volume. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 351 pages 

Copyright: 1982 

Publisher: Pantheon Books 

Author: Paul Bocuse 

ISBN: 9780394528533

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Description: Hailed as "indisputably the most famous chef in the world" by Craig Claiborne and as "the most influential -- and possibly the best -- chef in the world" by Newsweek, Paul Bocuse first burst onto the American scene with the publication of his highly acclaimed Paul Bocuses French Cooking, an encyclopedic introduction to haute cuisine for the accomplished cook. 

Paul Bocuse in Your Kitchen, his splendid new cookbook, is something quite different -- a truly basic Bocuse, it offers the finest available introduction to the tried-and-true recipes of traditional French cooking. Perfectly aimed at the beginner, it demands no complex techniques, uses the freshest and simplest ingredients, and emphasizes recipes that call be prepared easily in one's own kitchen. Indeed, Bocuse's testing for the book was done entirely in his home kitchen rather than in the elaborate setting of his world-famous restaurant in Lyons. 

Bocuse has organized the book along traditional lines, with separate chapters oil the basics: sauces, soups, hors d'oeuvres, fish and shellfish, meat, poultry and game, vegetables, pastries and desserts. 

Here is everyday French cooking at its best -- beef bourgignon, roast pork with mustard sauce, coq au vin, duck with turnips, leeks au gratin, potato souffle, an especially delectable chocolate mousse, pears in red wine, and much more -- over 200 recipes in all, each one thoroughly explained (with preparation times given) and adapted to the American kitchen. 

This is a repertoire that any competent cook will be able to master easily. Bocuse has shaped the book with care, including an abundance of vegetable dishes and a good selection of regional specialties, all to enable the reader to prepare delicious, well-balanced, and varied meals every day of the week. 

An additional chapter, written by Georges Duboeuf, who supplies wine to Bocuse's restaurant in Lyons, Iists the wines suited to each dish and gives all informative introduction to the pleasures of drinking wine with your meals. 

Finally, fifty-eight sumptuous color photographs make this an exceptionally attractive and tempting cookbook. 

With three-star chef Paul Bocuse in your kitchen, classic French cooking will be more easily accomplished -- and more inviting -- than ever. 


Condition: Top edge of dust jacket is creased and there is an indentation in the jacket near the bottom of the title. Further, good condition! 

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