Patisserie of the Eastern Mediterranean

Patisserie of the Eastern Mediterranean cookbook is a unique baking and desserts cookbook with Middle Eastern pastries like baklavas and kunafehs. Countries including Greece, Israel, Turkey, Iran are the focus of these delectable recipes with dishes like Lebanese Dry Cookies wih Aniseed and Raisins, Israeli Orange and Walnut Cake, Armenian Date and Walnut Pastries, Greek Deep Fried Sweet Pastries, and many more. What a treat! 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 128 pages 

Copyright: 1989 

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Book Company 

Author: Arto Der Haroutunian 

ISBN: 9780070266650

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Description: It was in Egypt, over four thousand ago, that yeast was first developed. In the wall paintings of the tomb of Rameses III at Thebes cooks are seen kneading the dough with their hands, forming it into rolls and then sprinkling the tops with seeds, very much as is done today. 

From these humble beginnings, by way of the conquering Arabs and Turks who cross-fertilized the food end eating habits of their subject races, the cuisine of the Middle East was born. 

Most of the recipes in Patisserie of the Eastern Mediterranean will be unfamiliar to Western palates; tantalizingly fragrant and sweet, they reflect the diverse origins and traditions of the Middle Eastern peoples. Created for the caliphs of Baghdad, the sultans and the shahs, all in time have become the property of the desert nomads and peasant farmers. To northern races the ingredients may sound exotic -- pine nuts and pistachios, orange blossom and rosewater, cinnamon, mastic and aniseed, pomegranates and quinces -- but these are the natural resources of the Middle Eastern lands. 

The book includes recipes for baklavas and kunafehs made with filo pastry, doughnuts and fritters, filled pastries, cakes, cookies and sweet breads from Greece, Israel, Turkey, North Africa, Iran, Syria, the Lebanon and Afghanistan. With its sumptuous color photographs and enchanting recipes Patisserie of the Eastern Mediterranean is a fascinating glimpse into an otherwise unexplored aspect of Middle Eastern cuisine. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket corner tips have extremely light wear. 

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