The Pastry Chef Cookbook - Vintage 1965

The Pastry Chef Cookbook is a vintage 1965 book for professional chefs, home bakers, and apprentice bakers. In it you'll find instruction and recipes for all sorts of dishes--many from Europe. The author, Bert J. Phillips, originates from Vienna. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 213 pages 

Copyright: 1965 

Publisher: Bonanza Books 

Author: Bert J. Phillips 

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Description: Here, in every way unique, is a cook book for bakers. Written by a Viennese - born master chef, its cuisine is drawn from sources not only European, but South American, Hawaiian, and Oriental. In this collection one can find recipes for such attractions as cakes named after the famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna and decorated in the classic or modern style, petits fours, pumpernickel bread, pineapple loaves, stollen, bonbonnieres, Oriental tea bread, mandarin cakes, Tahitian fruit cocktail, and the traditional favorites for special and very special occasions. 

The Pastry Chef admirably fulfills the author's designs: "to give the professional chefs a source of excellent international recipes, to enable the at-home baker to produce the same specialties, and to guide the apprentice who wants to make baking his occupation." 

Hundreds of pictures enhance the text, demonstrating the author's directions, step-by-step, or illustrating the results of his recipes. Appendixes, consisting of a glossary of terms, measurement conversion tables, and baking hints are also included. 

The Pastry Chef is a treasure for the gourmet, experimental, apprentice, or occasional baker. 


Condition: Fair condition. Dust jacket has a tear which is taped on the inside. Some creasing on the interior flap and a few interior pages. 

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