Pasta Fresca Cookbook

Viana La Place and Evan Kleiman Pasta Fresca Cookbook features pasta recipes using simple ingredients and basic techniques for cooks of all skillsets. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 270 pages 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: William Morrow and Company, Inc. 

Author: Viana La Place and Billie Van Dyke 

ISBN: 9780688077631

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Description: Evan Kleiman and Viana La Place bring to this tribute to pasta, that most beloved of all Italian foods, the same abundance of talent, the same intuitive understanding of how people want to eat, and the same fresh and direct cooking style that made Cucina Fresca the great success it is. Using simple ingredients and basic techniques, their recipes produce dishes that are vivid, uncomplicated, full of flavor, and deeply satisfying. 

In this eagerly awaited sequel to Cucina Fresca you'll find: 

    • An illustrated guide to pasta shapes, both fresh and dried, that will simplify your cooking decisions

    • Tips on how to stock your pantry so that you can prepare an endless variety of pasta dishes with what's on hand

    • A wealth of inspired pairings such as fettuccine with orange and lemon zest with prosciutto, and fettuccine with black olives, lemon, and cream

    • An entire chapter devoted to raw sauces using the freshest seasonal produce -- the only cooking required is boiling the water for pasta

    • Recipes for cream and cheese sauces, both innovative and traditional: tiny penne with radicchio, cream, and red chile peppers; rigatoni  with ricotta, onion, and pancetta

    • Wonderful seafood and fish pastas that taste of the sea: tuna sauteed with capers  and olives, tossed with garlicky bread-crumbs, on spaghetti; fedelim with scallops, red chile peppers, and oregano

    • A large and varied chapter on vegetable pastas including fettuccine with marinated grilled vegetables; tubetti with tomato, roasted yellow peppers, and mint

  • Pasta dishes that can be assembled in advance and baked at the last moment, a great way to entertain

But for all the many pleasures of this exuberant and appealing collection, what stands out most is the authors' unfailing eye and palate, their appreciation of the earthy simplicity of pasta, and their commitment to clean tastes and straightforward, uncomplicated recipes. 


Condition: Bookboards, interior pages and dust jacket are in very nice condition. Dust jacket's back cover has a light crease. 

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