Pasta and Co. Encore Cookbook - SIGNED

This author signed Pasta and Co. one of Seattle's leading take-out food shops brings you more of their famous recipes. This includes dishes from their Yellow Line of lower-fat recipes. Appetizers through desserts are all inside -- 120 recipes of deliciousness. 


Format: Softcover, 238 pages - Signed by author, co-owner Marcella Rosene 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Pasta & Co.,Inc. 

Author: Marcella Rosene 

ISBN: 9781570611094

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Description: Pasta and Co. co-owner Marcella Rosene once again brings to print recipes for Seattle's best-selling take-out foods. Designed for convenient, prepare-ahead cooking, recipe after recipe takes you through the intriguing process of trimming fat and building flavor. Pasta and Co. Encore vividly reflects the dichotomy that marks how we eat today: sometimes with a preference for lean foods and sometimes with a craving for rich. 

There are the much-awaited recipes for Pasta and Co.'s "Yellow Line" -- its repertoire of lower-fat dishes, including Black Bean Lasagne, Skinnystrada, and South American Beans and Rice. There are also recipes for well-loved dishes that resist fat-cutting, such as Jade and Ivory and Lura's Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Along the way, you discover Pasta and Co.'s newest finds: sumac, quinoa, porcini oil, quark, dry-curd cottage cheese, even a canned tomato that can double for fresh. From appetizers to desserts, whether prudently lean or extravagantly rich, Pasta and Co. Encore gives you dish after dish that is adventuresome good cooking. 


Condition: Very good condition. 

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