Passion For Desserts Cookbook

Passion For Desserts cookbook is a sweet lovers dream. It contains so many yummy desserts, it's difficult to choose which to make first. The color photos of prepared dishes will delight you. The amazing recipes like Chestnut Chocolate Marquise, Frozen Maple Cream Pecan Pie, White Peach Melba, and Individual German Chocolate Cakes are just the start of all that is contained inside Passion for Desserts cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 191 pages 

Copyright: 2003 

Publisher: Chronicle Books 

Author: Emily Luchetti 

ISBN: 9780811831789

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Description: Creamy Milk Chocolate Cheesecake. Pink Plum Granita with Lime Cookies. Fig Galettes with Cinnamon Marsala Sabayon. Lemon Mousse with Citrus Compote. In a passion for desserts, award- winning pastry chef and best-selling author Emily Luchetti shares her love for the sweeter side of life. With each tempting tart and perfect pudding, you too will enjoy the pleasures of baking at home for family and friends. 

With the coming of spring delve into strawberry parfaits layered with honey cream, and what could be more delicious on a summer's evening with friends than buttery slices of poppyseed cake bursting with ripe berries. Celebrate autumn's harvest with warm spiced apple crepes. And, for a touch of decadence, snuggle up with the ultimate nightcap on a cold winter's night -- Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate -- for the sweetest of dreams. 

From refreshing Strawberry Ginger Sodas -- they're a snap to make -- to rich Chestnut Chocolate Marquise, Emily takes you step-by-step through each recipe, sharing her insider secrets and invaluable techniques for dessert perfection along the way. 

Inspired by the season's unique fruits and flavors, these exquisite creations will appeal to dessert lovers everywhere. Indulge yourself in A passion for desserts. With its delightful recipes and mouthwatering photographs, Emily Luchetti's wonderful cookbook is a treat for the senses. 


Condition: Good condition. Thin black marker stripe on top outside edge of book's pages (seen when book is shut, not on page surfaces). 

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