Paprikas Weiss Hungarian Cookbook

The Paprikas Weiss Hungarian Cookbook is a vintage cookbook from 1979 that covers a wide range of Hungarian recipes. It is from the famed food store Paprikas Weiss in New York City. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 192 pages. 

Copyright: 1979 

Publisher: Random House Value Publishing 

Author: Edward Weiss 

ISBN: 9780517411193

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Description: This is a very personal cookbook — the author's own collection of Hungarian recipes for the home cooking of his childhood. It includes plain, basic, and festive dishes chosen to be as useful to a modern American cook as they are, at the same time, uniquely Hungarian. 

This is a wonderfully spicy and aromatic cuisine, full of extraordinary variety — the direct result of Hungary's position for over a thousand years at the crossroads of East and West in Central Europe. You will find here dishes with a familiar ring — goulashes and strudels, for instance, but made in ways a Hungarian would have to tell you about — such as a cabbage strudel. The desserts are magnificent, clearly international in origin. Other dishes combine ingredients in unusual ways, but, on close inspection, you will see that very few of the ingredients are at all unfamiliar. Most typically Hungarian, too, are the hearty soups that are meals in themselves. 

The most famous ingredient, of course, is Hungarian paprika — sweet, spicy, or hot, whichever you prefer. Paprikas Weiss is the famous Hungarian food store in New York City that was founded three generations ago with a first importation of the best paprika in the world, direct from Hungary. It is widely available today. If you do not have a local supplier, information is given at the end of the book so that you can get it yourself. Only the best paprika will do, and its wonderful flavor and aroma will be a revelation. 


Condition: Jacket has some small tears. Jacket interior flap clipped. Further good condition. 

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