Paella Paella With Tapas Gazpachos and Sangrias for a Festive Spanish Feast

Paella Paella: With Tapas Gazpachos and Sangrias for a Festive Spanish Feast recreates some Spanish culture through 40 original and authentic recipes for paella. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 128 pages 

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: New Burlington Books 

Author: Maria Solis Ballinger and Natalia Solis Ballinger 

ISBN: 9781845660284

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Description: Spain is a country of strong contrasts, of passion and spirit, and this is reflected in its food. Colorful, fresh, and traditional, paella originated in Valencia, where peasant men and women working in the rice fields looked to the Mediterranean Sea and the fertile lands for other ingredients to mix with their rice. Thus paella was born. 

Cooked in a large, shallow pan, the saffron-soaked rice can he combined with ingredients to suit your taste or the occasion: plump white scallops or squid, succulent pink shrimp, or try mussels and clams glistening in their shells. A traditional favorite to the pan is spicy chorizo sausage, or pork, ham, and thicken, along with a variety of fresh Mediterranean vegetables, all infused with plentiful supplies of fresh garlic, local olive oil, and lemon. 

Paella is a family affair, and in Spain making paella is an excuse for a party, a ceremony, or a debate. Paella picnics are held at the beach or in the mountains, where the dish is prepared over a wood fire, and chatter flows over the rice as it cooks, glistening yellow and bubbling in the warm air. 

Paella Paella captures the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle: fresh produce, a sense of community and sharing, and a love of food and life. 

Capture the flavors of Spain and let Paella Paella bring a little sunshine to your table. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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