Pacific Northwest Palate Cookbook

Tastemaker Award Runner-Up for the IACP Food & Beverage Award, Pacific Northwest Palate cookbook offers four seasons of great recipes, with over 300 of them in all. Honey-Glazed Sausages with Lentils and Orange-Cilantro Butter, Jewelled Raspberry Tart with Toasted Hazelnut Pastry, and Sweet and Hot Honey-Glazed Shrimp, are a sampling of the recipes inside. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 395 pages. 

Copyright: 1989 

Publisher: Addison Wesley 

Author: Susan Bradley 

ISBN: 9780201517644

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Description: The diversity and quality of the Northwest's seafood, produce, grains, cheeses, meats, and fowl are unsurpassed in America. Pacific Northwest Palate explores all aspects of this bounty and celebrates the emerging Northwest cuisine that is increasingly being enjoyed from coast to coast. 

A superb cook and culinary educator, Susan Bradley showcases the Northwest's seasonal cycles of taste, texture, and color in a cookbook that unfolds, season by season, in harmony with the area's culinary treasures. With over 300 recipes and dozens of lively essays on the region's fine products -- from Walla Walla sweet onions to Yakima Valley asparagus, and a proliferation of country cheeses, berries, game birds, and much more -- Pacific Northwest Palate will give home and professional cooks in all parts of the country a full appreciation of the Northwest's abundance. 

  • Spring is marked by the emergence of asparagus, sweet peas, shrimp, halibut, and, of course, rhubarb, the Northwest's prized fruit/vegetable. 
  • Summer in the Northwest is awash in the region's bounty with salmon, scallops, the mighty Dungeness crab, fresh herbs, berries, and other fruits all at their peak. 
  • Fall in the Northwest is a time of plentiful harvest when chili peppers, potatoes, apples, leafy greens, wild mushrooms, and shellfish are featured stars. 
  • Winter features mussels and oysters at their peak, lentils, grains of all types, smoked fish, and aged cheeses. 

Pacific Northwest Palate is designed not only as a collection of recipes, but as an important addition to our understanding of fresh, seasonally-inspired cooking. It is, in short, a feast for food lovers and readers, a book as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has a small laminate blister. 

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