Out Of Kentucky Kitchens

Out Of Kentucky Kitchens is a vintage cookbook with regional recipes from the state of Kentucky. Recipes in this cookbook were collected by a top hostess in Louisville. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 319 pages. 

Copyright: 1949 

Publisher: Bramhall House 

Author: Marion Flexner 

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Description: Kentucky food is as famous as Kentucky horses and Kentucky's beautiful women. This happy collection of recipes by Mrs. Morris Flexner, one of Louisville's most gracious hostesses and best cooks, contains her favorite recipes, plus the time-honored-and-tested "heirloom" recipes of her many friends, given in accurate detail and with colorful anecdotes about world-famous Kentuckians. 

Helen Lawton, Courier-Journal staff writer, says of the author of Out Of Kentucky Kitchens: "Kentucky food is a happy combination of both Northern and Southern cooking. Since this is a border state, our food was influenced by the hot-tasty food of New Orleans and the bland food of New England, and Mrs. Flexner has slighted neither. 

"Born and reared in Montgomery, Alabama, Mrs. Flexner grew up amidst Southern cooking. Also, she frequently visited in New Orleans, where she ate the French sauces, the thick soups (of which Kentucky Burgoo is supposed to be a descendant), the hot breads and the rich chess pies. All of which is Kentucky fare." 

Marion Flexner started cooking when she was four, perhaps under the influence of her mother, who co- authored The Twentieth Century Cook Book. She has done all the cooking for her family since 1936. Her friends are often guinea pigs for new recipes. Their reward is having dishes named for them. 

Often the best cooks are the old- fashioned kind who have inherited their recipes and when cornered on just how to make such delicacies say, "Oil, a dash of this, a pinch of that, and two fingers of something else," but Marion Flexner's many years of actual cooking enable her to give recipes clown to the last pinch of salt. 

Here are listed only a few of the many famous palate-tempting recipes included in Out Of Kentucky Kitchens: 

  • Pendennis Club Champagne Punch 
  • Roast Lamb with Ben Buckners Sauce 
  • Kentucky Country Ham 
  • Jane McFerran's Chicken Salad Special 
  • Virginia Barker's Oven-broiled Quail 
  • Louis Smith's Doves in Wine Sauce 
  • Mary Shreve Long's Eggs Derby 
  • Kentucky Tom and Jerry 
  • Alice Gray's Pickled Shrimp 
  • Corrie Hill's Banana Bread 
  • Dolly Sullivan's Bread-crumb Pancakes 
  • Solger's Chicken Croquettes 
  • Dorothy Clark's Chocolate Fudge Pie 
  • President Tyler's Puddin' Pie 


Condition: Dust jacket has some small frays. Further good condition. 

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