Other Half of the Egg Vintage Cookbook - Jacques Pepin, Helen McCully

Other Half of the Egg is a vintage cookbook from Helen McCully and Jacques Pepin. Every recipe contains egg yolks or whites. It's not truly an egg cookbook as recipes range from meat to vegetable dishes, desserts, and more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 240 pages 

Copyright: 1967 - Book Club Edition 

Publisher: M. Barrow's and Company, Inc. 

Author: Helen McCully, Jacques Pepin and William North Jayme 

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Description: This is primarily a book of delicious food -- hors d'oeuvre, soups, and sauces; meat, fish, and vegetable dishes; a selection of French classics, from stews to aspics; beautiful desserts and cakes -- a delectable international collection by two notable cooks. 

But, in addition, it solves with real imagination an old kitchen problem -- what to do with extra egg yolks or whites. Each recipe calls for one or the other -- so that, no matter which half of the egg you start with, there is immediately at hand an original and practical variety of recipes requiring the half of the egg you have left over. 

This is not a book of egg cookery per se, but it does have a complete glossary devoted to the care and cooking of eggs and a special section on the crowning glory of all egg cookery, the souffle. 

And, at the suggestion of the third author (a non-cook who long wondered what cooks do with the other half of an egg), there is also a second glossary to explain the general cooking terms and techniques that puzzle newcomers to the kitchen. 


Condition: Dust jacket has a small tear. Further good condition. 

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