Oriental Appetizers Cookbook

Oriental Appetizers cookbook draws from the best Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean and other Asian cuisines to present appetizers to prepare at home. Recipes include step-by-step illustrations for easier-to-follow preparation. Pot Stickers, Beef Satay, and Curried Cashew Nuts make up just a few of the 48 recipes inside. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 145 pages 

Copyright: 1984. First edition 

Publisher: Holt, Rinehart and Winston 

Author: Yukiko and Bob Haydock 

ISBN: 9780030635588

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Description: Yukiko and Bob Haydock, whose previous books, Japanese Garnishes and More Japanese Garnishes, have already become elegant culinary classics, now turn their talents to the art of preparing Oriental Appetizers. This new collection of forty-eight recipes reflects America's growing interest in Asian food as well as the principles of nouvelle cuisine, a combination that produces these unique and flavorful dishes. Drawn from the best of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and other oriental cuisines, Oriental Appetizers presents recipes of widely varying styles: you'll learn how to prepare deep-fried chicken norimaki, barbecued beef satay, as well as many pan-fried, steamed, and oven-cooked appetizers, such as tamarind shrimp, stuffed black mushrooms, and glazed spareribs. A separate section on sauces and dips, including crunchy peanut sauce and five spice salt, plus a glossary of ingredients, helps to make this an invaluable source book for an exciting new way of cooking. The Haydocks' graceful, easy-to-follow, step-by-step line drawings, and stunning full-color photos of all the finished dishes -- features that highlighted their previous works -- further enhance the appeal of the book. 

More than just a recipe book, Oriental Appetizers reflects a concept of entertaining that stresses visual appeal as well as gastronomic satisfaction. These dishes -- whether used as hors d'oeuvres, combined as a mouth-watering buffet of finger foods, or alone as the first course of a formal dinner -- help make this cookbook a treasure that will be returned to again and again. 


Condition: Good condition. Interior jacket flap has been clipped.  

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