Food of Oman Cookbook

Food of Oman Cookbook is a beautiful cookbook by Felicia Campbell with over 100 recipes and stories from Oman, the Gateway to Arabia. It is a visual cookbook with 175 color photographs of some of the prepared recipes and locales. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 257 pages. 

Copyright: 2015 

Publisher: Andrews Mcmeel Publishing 

Author: Felicia Campbell 

ISBN: 9781449460822

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Description: Set at the crossroads of the Indian Ocean trade routes, just south of the towering skyscrapers of Dubai, east of Saudi Arabia, north of Yemen, and across the sea from Iran -- the Sultanate of Oman has long been the eastern gateway to the Middle East The global connections of the ports along its coast are perhaps most apparent in its kitchens, which are filled with the enticing, mysterious aromas of a spice bazaar. Musky black limes dance with earthy cloves, cumin, coriander, and ginger, enlivening starchy basmati rice for chicken kabuli. Bananas simmer with coconut milk and hot chilies, perfuming the air with their tropical scent A hint of cardamom wafts from freshly fried mandazi bread, and as night falls, the sea breeze is redolent of barbecuing beef skewers slathered with tangy tamarind and charring fish and chicken. The kitchens of Oman are set against diverse backdrops: the rocky crags of the Jabal Akhdar mountains, swaying palm trees along the coast of Salalah, rippling sand dunes in Sharqiyah, and the silhouettes of curvaceous minarets of the mosques that dominate the urban Muscat skyline. 

The Food of Oman, by American food writer Felicia Campbell, is an invitation to explore a cuisine that marries the Bedouin traditions of the Gulf with the flavors of the world to produce dishes that are as diverse as the geography, history, and peoples of this singular corner of eastern Arabia. Over 100 recipes, 175 lush photographs, and fascinating stories from home kitchens, seaside barbecues, royal weddings, and humble tea shops provide an introduction to the culture of a people whose adventurous palates and deep love of feeding and being fed gave rise to this unparalleled cuisine. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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