Olive Oil a Gourmet Guide

The diversity of olive oil shines through in the Olive Oil a Gourmet Guide Mediterranean cookbook. You will enjoy learning more about this ingredient, as well as using recipes that showcase it. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 160 pages. 

Copyright: 2000 

Publisher: Flammarion 

Author: Jacques Chibois, Olivier Baussan 

ISBN: 9782080136763

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Description: Thanks to the growing interest in healthy eating and the popularity of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil has become fashionable. In some restaurants, olive oil rather than butter is served with the bread, while in others you are given a choice of oils for seasoning salads, pasta and vegetables. 

Until recently, the concept of the era -- the term for a high-quality vineyard -- was restricted to wine, but it is now spreading to olive oil. As with wine, the flavor of an olive oil is determined by a range of factors, including olive variety, location, production methods and vintage. 

This book is an invitation to discover the world of fine olive oils through a gourmet's tour of the Mediterranean's groves. A selection of recipes perfected by the celebrated chef Jacques Chibois demonstrates how different oils can be used to great effect in a range of dishes. 

A Connoisseur's Guide provides information on olive production around the world, the different varieties and their characteristics, and the classsification system for olive oils, as well as the names and addresses of producers, shops and museums. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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