Olde Englishe Recipes Cookbook - Signed

Olde Englishe Recipes signed cookbook includes 130 recipes from England's past thousand years, but for present day cooks. The cookbook by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson has an inscription to the original owner of the cookbook. Herb and Bacon Pie, Mussel and Fennel Stew with Dumplings, and Brandied Apple Fritters are a sampling of the recipes found inside this British cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 176 pages. 

Copyright: 1981 

Publisher: Piatkus 

Author: Michelle Berriedale-Johnson 

ISBN: 9780861880911

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Description: Olde Englishe Recipes is a delightful practical cookery book which gives one hundred and thirty different recipes, all of which have been cooked in England during the last thousand years, and have been specially adapted by Michelle Berriedale-Johnson for enjoyment today. 

The book begins with a chapter on pottages, soups and broths and is followed by a selection of light luncheon and supper dishes. The section on fish suggests many different ways in which they can be served, salt and sweet, devilled and forced. Meats can be roasted on a spit, baked and boiled and recipes are given for such dishes as Elizabethan meat balls (from the sixteenth century) and sweetbread patties (from the eighteenth century). 

The chapter on roots, sallats, herbs and vegetables provides suitable accompaniment to the main dishes and is followed by recipes for desserts, puddings, entremets and creams. Among them are such mouth-watering delicacies as applemoy and frumenty (from mediaeval times) and sippet pudding (from the eighteenth century). Also given are recipes for breads, sweetmeats, biscuits and cakes. 

The original dishes and cooking methods are described, but the recipes given are definitely for present-day cooks and kitchens and the ingredients are easy to obtain. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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