Old-Time Pickling and Spicing Recipes Cookbook - Vintage

Vintage 1953 Old-Time Pickling and Spicing Recipes cookbook includes 110 favorite recipes for small quantity accompaniments in half-pint, pint and quart amounts. Apple Butter, Peach Chutney, Spiced Pear Chips and more preserving recipes are included in this cookbook by Florence Brobeck. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 126 pages 

Copyright: 1953 

Publisher: Gramercy Publishing Company 

Author: Florence Brobeck 

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Description: Here is a new slant on pickling and spicing. Here are quick modern recipes for fresh, tangy accompaniments in half-pint, pint, and quart amounts. If your storage space is limited, if you live in suburbs or city with no farmer bearing bushel-basket produce to your door, you can still set your table with the wonderful Sweets and Sours of old-fashioned country hospitality. 

With these simple recipes career girls and busy mothers with no days free for quantity canning, can still whip up quick dishes of unusual zest and flavor by simply combining the jars of this and that already in the cupboard. Applesauce or raisin relish, or California cranberry takes only moments the Brobeck way! 

But if you have a whole cool shelf for storage, how nice to fill it in odd morning or evening hours with some precious jars of Apple Butter, Tomato Garlic Catsup, Peach Chutney, Brandied Cherries, Piccalilli, Spiced Pear Chips, Spiced Green Beans, Watermelon Pickle, Mushroom Relish, or a new-flavored wine vinegar for special salad dressings. Lucky homemakers with a garden can of course double or triple amounts when tomatoes are in season or the corn is ripe. 

This small book of preserving wisdom reflects the new interest of very busy women in good cookery. It takes account of today's necessity to add appetite-appeal to low-budget meals, or make last-minute party menus a bit special with a dish of Brandied Peaches or some quick Christmas relish. 

Here in present-day forms are fine traditional pickled and spiced condiments that date back to America's settler days, to the kitchens of colonial New England, to western homesteads and Pennsylvania Dutch and Ohio Valley farms. Look at the twelve chapters of marvelous goodness in this book! Butters, Catsups, Chutneys, Brandied Fruits, Mincemeats, Pickles, Pickled and Spiced Fruits, Pickled and Spiced Vegetables, Relishes, Quickies, Sauces, and Herb and Wine Vinegars. Can you resist them? With such clear directions, such easy recipes for small-quantity preserving every interested homemaker can make marvelous menu-brightening extras to serve with every meal. 


Condition: Good condition. Light dust jacket wear. 

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