Of the People Cookbook African American Cuisine

Of the People is a cookbook from the world's largest African American museum. Inside this cookbook are five chapters of authentic African American cuisine


Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 174 pages. 

Copyright: 1999, First Printing

Publisher: Charles H Wright Museum of African American History

Author: Dawn Foster Langford and Damaris Hill

ISBN: 9780966787306

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Description: Of the People is a cookbook from the world's largest African American Musuem with five chapters of recipes that link the history, the heritage, and the cuisine of African Americans through African symbols.

  • Africa – The African Memory: The wisdom of learning from the past. Chinchin, Jollot Rice, Groundnut Soup
  • Caribbean and South America – The Diaspora: Ingenuity, intelligence, patience. Calalou, Jerk Pork, Arroz Banana
  • Africans in America – Survival of the Spirit: Adaptability, toughness, withstanding difficulties. Turnip and Mustard Greens, Hominy Grits, Gumbo File
  • African Americans – The Imperfect Union: Unity in diversity, oneness of the human family. Fried Green Tomatoes, Banana Pudding, Peach Pie
  • The Future – The Struggle for Low-Fat Empowerment: Hardiness, perseverance. Black Beans and Rice, Corn Bread, Surprise-Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • And many more recipes.


Condition: Good condition. 

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