Dr. Oetker German Home Baking Cookbook

Dr. Oetker German Home Baking Cookbook presents German cake recipes for the whole family that can be prepared in the home kitchen. Dr. Oetker cookbooks are very popular, known for their amazing recipes. 


Format: Softcover, 171 pages  

Copyright: -  

Publisher: Rudolf-August Oetker  

Author: Rudolf-August Oetker  

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Description: The Dr. Oetker German Home Baking Cookbook offers a comprehensive variety of suggestions for home baking and aims at encouraging cooks to discover the pleasure which comes from baking one's own cakes and the excitement of trying new recipes. We hope this cookbook of traditional German cake recipes, all tested carefully in the Oetker model kitchen, will help chefs everywhere to ring the changes and ensure that the whole family can share in the pride and pleasures of home-baked cakes.  


Condition: Good condition with some minor cover creases.  

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