Nutribullet: Blasting for Optimum Health Recipe Book

Nutribullet: Blasting for Optimum Health Recipe Book presents Nutribullet Magic Bullet recipes that support and provide benefits for a variety of health issues like hormonal issues, weight loss, cancer prevention and recovery support, and more. 


Format: Hardcover, 167 pages. 

Copyright: 2015 

Publisher: Nutribullet 

Author: Nutribullet 

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Description: Food is the fuel that powers our lives, the source of nutrients that gives our body the energy it needs to carry out all of its functions. At least, that's what food should be. Unfortunately, in our age of highly processed, minimally nutritious packaged foodstuffs, food has become more of a product than a source of nourishment. And the increased inclusion of packaged, processed foods into the Standard American Diet has brought with it an alarming increase in illness and disease.  

However, this descent into poor diet and health is not unstoppable. Many have completely transformed their health and their quality of life by changing the way they eat. As an owner of the NutriBullet, you are clearly aware and interested in living a healthy, nourished life. 

Whether you are recovering from an illness or disease, drastically changing unhealthy eating habits, or looking for a way to include more plant based nutrition into your diet, everyone at every level of health can benefit from incorporating the NutriBullet into their daily routine. So what are you waiting for? Plug in your NutriBullet and start blasting today! 


Condition: Good condition. 

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