Nut Gourmet Delicious Plant-Based Recipes

If you are looking for ways to use nuts in cooking, then this cookbook is for you. Here are plant-based recipes that feature nuts as a key ingredient. Dishes like Thanksgiving Torte, Pistachio Fondue, Hazelnut Cranberry Bread Pudding are just a few of the standout recipes inside this cookbook. 


Format: Softcover, 255 pages. 

Copyright: 2006 

Publisher: Book Publishing Company 

Author: Zel Allen 

ISBN: 9781570671913

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Description: The Nut Gourmet restores nuts to their rightful place in a balanced diet. As a focal point in any dish, they contribute a wealth of zesty flavors and essential nutrients. 

Sample delicious, innovative dishes: 

  • Cashew Mushroom Bruschetta 
  • Wasabi Pistachio Vegetable Aspic 
  • Mango Macadamia Smoothie 
  • African Peanut Soup 
  • Hazelnut Cranberry Bread Pudding 
  • Chestnut Mousse with Chocolate Truffle 

Discover the health benefits of including nuts in your diet. 

Take the guesswork out of purchasing and storing nuts. 

Learn to make nutmilks that are great for allergy diets. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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